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Orchids Arrangements for a Wedding


Weddings are truly one of the happiest occasions in a person’s life. This is why many people want to ensure that their wedding is as memorable as possible, and what is a wedding without flowers? They simply beautify the surroundings of the wedding, framing the couple in a wonderful way and showing off their personality in the flowers they choose for their day. Among the many different kinds of flowers a couple can choose, orchids are one of the most popular. With so many colors and varieties one can choose from, and different lovely fragrances as well, any couple will surely find the perfect orchids arrangements they want for their day.


There are several ways one can use orchids in a wedding. For example, one can use orchids as a bouquet. The color and scent of the orchid simply makes it the perfect flower for a wedding bouquet. For many brides, color is a very significant aspect in choosing flowers. They want something that can fit into their motif and theme. What's great about orchids is that they look great when combined with other kinds of flowers. Another aspect is their scent. Since brides hold their bouquets near their nose, it is better to go with flowers that have a subtle and not too strong scent.

Many people may not know this, but flowers symbolize different things and have various meanings. Roses, for example, signify love. Flowers that symbolize innocence include daisies and lilacs. Blue hydrangeas signify friendship and loyalty. And orchids... they stand for beauty, which many people would agree is something that a couple would want their wedding to symbolize. Beauty, not merely in the physical aspects, but in their relationship, their marriage and the life they make together. This makes orchids simply the perfect wedding flower.

Orchids arrangements can also make great table centerpieces in the wedding reception. A reason for this is the fact that orchids are very tough. They may be a bit sensitive to cold and can bruise if roughly handled, but what's great about them is that they are quite resistant to heat and moisture loss. This is great news for those planning weddings during the summer. Some orchids also have a good height and make beautiful tall centerpieces.

Orchids grow year round so one can have orchids arrangements any season of the year. Since one has the option of buying them in bulk, one can cut costs and buy directly from the source rather than going through a middleman.

Orchids arrangements can definitely add to the surroundings of a wedding. No matter how they are used, they are truly a beautiful addition to the celebration.


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