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Orchid Growing at Home

10:00 AM - January 15, 2013 by Adam Short

Growing orchids has become a popular hobby among many home gardeners. This is because orchids are truly a beautiful plant and a great addition to any home. Contrary to the old belief that they are a rich man’s plant, when growing orchids at home, you do not need special, expensive equipment. You just need to know how to care for the plants and what they need to flourish.

Many years ago around the mid-19th century, orchid growing became a craze among the titled and wealthy. They became obsessed with collecting the rarest and best orchid species, and sent back those that didn’t meet their standards. This led to the near extinction of many orchids in different tropical places, and is the cause of the idea that the orchid as a rich man’s plant.

Many orchids died during transport, and though the affluent were obsessed with the plant, many still didn’t know the proper way to care for the plant.

In the old days, many people grew orchids in greenhouses that were hot and damp, with practically no air circulation. Nowadays, it is well-known among successful orchid growers that the plants need the right amount of water, air, light and fertilizer to flourish. Typically though, orchid plants do enjoy the heat, and many species thrive in temperatures from 75 to 85 degrees.

Many orchids are very fragrant, with scents that vary from floral or fruity to even a chocolate or vanilla fragrance. Some have a rather subtle smell, while other species have a stronger scent. Each orchid species has a unique fragrance distinctly its own.

An important aspect in orchid growing is good drainage. They should be placed in a pot that will allow them with this, as well as the right potting media that doesn’t block water drainage but the roots to have good air circulation. Bark is one good potting media to use. Another excellent potting mixture is New Zealand sphagnum moss. You need to choose thec orrect pot and the right groing media for the type of orchid you want to grow.

The orchid plants need to be watered only around once or twice a week. When it gets hotter in the summer, you may need to water more often. Remember, the more heat, the more you water. Less heat also means less watering.

Orchids need sunlight to grow, but don’t expose them in sunlight that is too strong. The early morning sun is perfect for the growing plants, so it’s best to place the orchids in a window that faces the east. A healthy mixture of sun and shade is good for the plants, as they grow well in tropical conditions that offer these.

There are lots of orchid species that the home gardener can consider growing. One of the easiest to grow is the species Phalaenopsis. They can be grown at home or even at the office. Phalaenopsis orchids bloom for around two to three months. You can be sure to enjoy sweet smelling flowers in your home or office with this species.

To have orchids growing in your home is to have a beautiful, fragrant house that anyone will enjoy visiting.

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