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How to Pick the Right Orchids Pots

With lots of different types of orchids pots available in the market, how do you choose which one is right for your plant? Before you go ahead with picking one, it is essential to understand how the orchid pot you choose affects your plant.

Terra Cotta or Clay Orchid Pot

For those who want to grow their orchids outdoors, terra cotta or clay pots are a great choice as these pots are heavier and more stable compared to others, which make them less likely to be knocked over by a hard gust of wind or a small animal. Typically, these pots have only one drainage hole, so it’s a good idea to put pebbles or gravel at the bottom of the pot to help the water drain better.

This type of orchid pots are made of porous material, which help clear water and moisture faster. They are great for orchids that enjoy dry conditions, like Cymbidiums and other epiphytic orchids.

Plastic Orchid Pot

A plastic pot is a suitable choice for those planning on growing orchids indoors, as it is lightweight and may fall over if placed outside. What’s great about this pot is that it can be used repeatedly during repotting and even when propagating orchids by division. You just need to disinfect it with bleach and then a new plant can be placed in it.

Plastic pots don’t have holes, however, so you will need to drill holes for drainage. This type of pot doesn’t dry well, so they are best for orchids that enjoy being damp, like phalaenopsis orchids. Pick one that has thick walls, doesn’t break easily and doesn’t heat up too much. Clear plastic orchid pots are gaining in popularity as this enables more light to get to the roots, as well as enable the gardener to check the roots for any rot or damage.

Basket Orchid Pot

For orchids that have large, heavy roots, basket pots are the way to go. Baskets are typically made out of wood, wire, mesh or plastic, and allow air to circulate around the roots. Baskets tend to dry more easily, however, so you may need to water more frequently. Orchids like Stanhopea, Gongora and Acineta are commonly grown in open baskets.

In picking the right orchid pots for your growing orchids, it is really important to understand how your plant will be affected. Make sure that you choose a container that’s well suited for the type of orchid you’re growing.

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