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Useful Tips in Planting Orchids


Planting orchids is a fun hobby that most people who like gardening will enjoy. Though orchids were considered a “rich man’s plant” before, nowadays, many have realized that orchids are pretty inexpensive to grow, and they can be grown practically anywhere. They thrive best in warm, tropical climates, as this is where they naturally grow.

Though these beautiful flowers are not that difficult to grow, there are some techniques to planting orchids that you must remember so your plants will flourish. Here are some useful tips that you should remember to make sure you have sweet-smelling orchids growing in your home.

Orchid Types

The first thing you should know about growing orchids is the type of orchid you will grow. There are actually two main kinds of species of orchids, and they are the epiphytic orchids and the terrestrial orchids.

Epiphytic orchids grow on trees, and they get their nutrients from the organic matter that grows between the bark and branches of the trees. They enjoy growing in the shade, and thrive by soaking up a lot of nutrients.

Terrestrial orchids, on the other hand, grow roots below the surface of the soil similar to most plants. They enjoy a good amount of sunlight and air circulation, and they don’t need a lot of nutrients to thrive.

By knowing the orchid type you’re growing, you can make sure to place them in an environment where they’re most likely to flourish well.

Caring for Orchids

Caring for orchids includes giving them the right amount of sunlight exposure, watering them correctly, making sure they’re placed in the right pot and potting media, ensuring they have adequate air circulation, and preventing root rot because of standing water.

The amount of sunlight you expose your plant to depends on the type of orchid it is. But if you’re in doubt, it’s far better to expose your orchids to the early morning light and then shade them from the harsh noon sun. Placing them in an Eastern-facing window is a good idea.

Orchids typically only need to be watered once or twice a week, but this also depends on the weather in your area. When it’s really warm and humid, you may need to water your plant more frequently.

Having the right pot and potting media will ensure that your plants flourish and have adequate air circulation in the roots. This also means that your plants can enjoy good drainage, as the roots will rot if left in standing water.

Repotting Orchids

Orchids need to be repotted occasionally so they can thrive. Some of the indications that it’s time to repot include:

    •    When the roots are circling the pot repeatedly
    •    When the bark or potting media in the pot has broken down or disintegrated
    •    When the roots have started to rot
    •    When the potting media is not usable anymore and needs to be replaced

A good time to repot is when your orchids are not actively blooming, but the best time is after the plant has just finished blooming and is beginning to produce new growth.

Though planting orchids may sound tricky, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed at the ease with which these plants grow. They don’t really need a lot of work to thrive. Just remember these tips and you will have beautiful, abundant orchids growing in your home.


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